Weekly Table Games Challenge

Time Remaining

Welcome to the Weekly Table Games Challenge. This leaderboard runs from 12:01AM Monday to 11:59PM Sunday every week and the rankings are based on the net balance of your stakes versus your wins on all Table Games. Only positive balances will be featured on the leaderboard so it is up to you, the player, if you want bet more and potentially win more to increase your ranking, but also run the risk of losing more and moving down the rankings. The top 10 players at the end of the week will receive virtual credit prizes.

Rank Name Credits won Most Played Award
1st Ron H $190,100 Roulette Money Play $100,000
2nd Janene B $160,000 Roulette Money Play $50,000
3rd Guest $40,000 Casino Blackjack Money Play $18,750
3rd Guest $40,000 Casino Blackjack Money Play $18,750
5th Patti B $11,100 Roulette Money Play $10,000
6th teddy R $9,000 Casino Blackjack Money Play $9,000
7th Toni L $8,800 Casino Blackjack Money Play $8,000
8th Easter L $4,000 Roulette Money Play $7,000
9th Zdenko K $1,350 Casino Blackjack Money Play $6,000